“Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” CJSC owns and operates a fleet of different types of vessels designed to effectively provide services to the offshore oil and gas industry such as construction of offshore production platforms, anchor-handling, platform supply, geological research, installation of oil-gas pipelines and their maintenance during operation period, emergency recovery and response, crew transfer, transportation different types of cargo and other offshore services related to exploration and production of oil and gas.

Our offshore support fleet is comprised of 212 vessels, including 22 crane vessel, 25 passenger vessel, 19 AHTSVs, 7 PSV’s, 3 tug boats, 8 port-tug boats,11 diving ships, 6 fire-fighter ships, 6 dredger and survey fleet, 6 barges, 5 geological ships, 2 pipe layer ships, 12 surface cleaner and fecal water collector ship, 8 tankers, 3 ship repair workshop, 1 pile hammer ship and 68 supporting boats

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