Tanker fleet of “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping“ CJSC is one of the fleets which hold its leading position in Caspian Sea. Recently our fleet has been improved with new built vessels in order to keep its role in the region on cargo transportation. As a part of renewal efforts, since 2003, cargo carrying capacity of our transportation fleet was increased with two 8000 ton (“Professor Aziz Aliyev” type), one 12000 ton (“Jabbar Hashimov” type) and seven 13000 ton (“President Heydar Aliyev” type) tankers. It is planned to improve tanker fleet in future years. Our tanker fleet provides import and export of cargo through Aktau (Kazakhstan), Turkmensbashi, Alaja, Oguzkhan, Kiyanli (Turkmenistan), Makhachkala, (Russia), Anzali, Noushahr, Neka, Fereydun – Kanar Amurabad (Iran) ports. Main part of cargo transportaion is oil and oil products which carried in Aktau-Baku (Dubandi, Sangachal) and Turkmenistan – Baku (Dunbandi, Sangachal) directions. Reconstruction of Silk Way and launch of Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan oil pipeline, caused rapid increase in the volume of liquid cargo carried in above mentioned directions.


Our dry cargo vessels, including totally 14 provides dry cargo transportation among ports of Caspian Coastal Countries.

Main directions of vessels are Baku – Turkmenbashi – Baku, Baku – Aktau –Baku, Baku – Amirabad – Baku, Baku – Aktau – Amirabad, Aktau – Amirabad – Aktau, Aktau – Amirabad – Baku. Grain, cement, containers, clinker, pipe, poly-propylene, debris are transported on this directions.

“Nizami” type vessels are engaged in carrying clinker from Amirabad to Baku, while other types of vessels “Teymur Ahmadov”, “Maestro Niyazi” and “Mahmud Rahimov” participate in transportation of grain from Aktau to Amirabad, cement from Amirabad to Aktau and clinker to Baku.  The piping is transported in Aktau- Baku, containers in Baku – Turkmenbashi directions.


“Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” CJSC is an only company which own ferry vessel fleet in Caspian Sea Basin. Railwal wagons, passengers, as well as vehicles are transported by “Daghistan” type of ferry vessels (capable to carry 28 wagons), “Academician Zarifa Aliyeva” type (capable to carry 52 wagons), Barda type (capable to carry 54 wagons), and 3 “Composer Gara Garayev” type of Ro-Ro vessels in Baku-Aktau-Baku and Baku-Turkmenbashi-Baku directions through Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia. The cargo includes oil and oil products, food and agricultural products, construction materials, etc.

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