The Company’s Security Policy includes establishing reasonable security measures in order to prevent movements and incidents in ships that are contrary to the rules ensuring the safety of  the ships’ passengers, staff, property, equipment and the environment. Ship Security Plan incorporates all-round measurements for the protection of ships operating under the Company’s management and also provides comments and explanations on the advised processes in response to many hazards. According to the SSP designated staff members with security responsibilities should be aware of the responsibility and content of the plan. In addition all other staff members should also be familiar with SSP’ relevant sections and have sufficient knowledge about it. At least they should have the clear information about the essence and logic requirements of different levels of protection.

In order to enforce this Policy, the Company has developed a Security Management System that meets the following security requirements:

  • Leading the assessment of vessels’ safety and preparing a specific security plan for each ship.
  • Making amendments in accordance with the changes made in the protection plan according to the requirements of Parts A and B of the ISPS CODE, regularly checking and verifying whether its procedures are applied or not and conducting periodic internal audits.
  • The detection of security threats and the taking of preventative measures against potential security incidents.
  • The designation of appropriate senior staff with overall responsibility for security, within the Company and individual ships.
  • Cooperation with the responsible authorities and acting in compliance with their advises.
  • The identification of the reporting and counting systems for security incidents.
  • Organizing extensive training exercises for Company’s staff members.
  • Actively developing security measures and improving attentiveness among the Company’s staff members

Along with that, The Company is also committed to give inevitable support to the Company’s Security Officer, the Master and the Ship Security Officer to execute their duties and responsibilities in accordance with Chapter XI-2 of the SOLAS 1974.Furthermore the Company routinely, systematically reviews its own Security Policy and appropriate safeguards in order to ensure that they are in practice and remain efficacious.


  • To assist in providing ship operation procedures and practices and safeguarding the security of unions located in surrounding areas.
  • Establishing security measures to relieve the degree of exposure to hazards of ships, personnel, contractors, port staff and the environment.
  • Improving the knowledge and skills of the company’s members on land and sea (ship).
  • Be prepared to take immediate actions for emergency cases concerning possible hazards.

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