In accordance with the  “Incentive and Award Policy” of ASCO,  approved on September 2, 2016,  the “Strategic Targets and KPI Chart”, “KPI Matrix”, “KPI Passports” entered into force under the order of ASCO No. 220 dated December 7, 2016, and the Promotion Committee of ASCO was established with the objective of managing the process of  promotion and rewarding in accordance with the said internal instruments.   The committee consists of four people, including the Chairman.

The Committee has the following duties :

  • to organize annual revision of the relevant procedures in accordance with the Incentive and Award Policy;
  • to make suggestions to ASCO Chairman to make the relevant amendments associated with the Incentive and Award Policy ;
  • to make proposals during the formation of the awarding budget ;
  • to supervise effectiveness and analyze the system of Incentive and Award to contribute to the achievement of strategic goals by ASCO ;
  • to make proposals on the incentive and award methods and types of ASCO ;
  • to consider the proposals made on the Incentive and Award System, and to submit them to ASCO Chairman for approval, if appropriate.

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