ASCO sailors rescued three migrants facing lethal danger at Ionian Sea


The vessel Maestro Niyazi, which belongs to the Transportation Fleet of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO) sailing in the international waters has taken part in the rescue operation of the migrants aboard the Ionian Sea cruise ship.

So, Maestro Niyazi of ASCO sailing from Taganrog port of Russia to Durres port of Albania occurring to be near the accident area immediately responded to the SOS signal received at 09:14 local time. Azerbaijani sailors provided urgent and professional help. As a result of their efforts, three migrants from Afghanistan, namely Sultani Jamshid, born in 1994, Rzai Jabbar, born in 2003, Mohammed Rashid, born in 1996, were rescued and another body was taken out of the water.

After the survivors were taken aboard the ship, they were provided with warm meals and clothing, as well as other essentials.

Migrants will be deported to the relevant bodies.

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