ASCO’s “Huseyn Javid” vessel floating in outer waters was put into operation after repair


The repair of the “Huseyn Javid” universal dry cargo vessel used in external waters has been completed. The vessel belongs to the Transportation Fleet of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company.

High-quality and timely dock repair of the vessel was carried out at the “Zigh” Ship Repair and Construction Yard.

The ship’s main and auxiliary engines and storage doors have been repaired at the Yard. In addition, pipelining, electrical installation, automation works, and welding of the hull were carried out.

To improve the living conditions of the crew, the dining room and cabins were repaired.

In addition, the underwater and surface parts of the ship, the decks, and the doors of the warehouses were cleaned and painted in three layers.

After the completion of the repair, the ship was successfully tested and returned to the seamen.

Today, for the first time after repairs, the “Huseyn Javid” vessel will set to sail in outer waters. After picking up the cargo from the port of Bektash in Turkmenistan, the ship will sail to Turkey.

It should be noted that the “Huseyn Javid” vessel has been sailing in foreign waters under the flag of Azerbaijan since 2016. The vessel has a length of 108.33 meters, a width of 16.74 meters, and a carrying capacity of 5200 tons.

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