After the Overhaul, the Towing and Supplying Vessel “Om” Was Put Back into Operation


Overhaul of the towing and supplying vessel “Om”, owned by Offshore Fleet of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company, has been completed. Repair work was carried out at the Bibi-Heybat Shipyard.

During the repair, the main and auxiliary engines of the vessel, pumps, pipelines, living quarters, sanitary facilities and a dining room were overhauled. In addition, two out-of-date 1LA4 280-4SA90-Z type air compressors have been replaced with modern MAS GA 75 type air compressors.

During the dock repair, the underwater and abovewater parts of the vessel were cleaned and painted, bottom-outboard fittings, steering wheel and protection devices were repaired.

After repairing the mechanisms and electrical equipment, “Om” successfully passed water tests and was sent to the port base of the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet.

Like all ASCO towing and supply vessels, the Om vessel will participate in the supply of oil and gas production facilities, the direct towing of heavy structures and drilling rigs, as well as in the transportation of anchors.

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