Our values

Personnel – Experienced sailing personnel and professional team are our main values;

Environment – Our aim is to minimize the impact on the environment throughout all aspects of our activities;

Safety – We continually focus on establishing a safe working environment, providing high-quality services and preventing risks;

Quality service – As Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company we guarantee high-quality cargo transportation and diverse specialized offshore services based on our rich experience;

Sustainable development – As a shipping company with effective management, we pursue sustainable development in all aspects of our business to provide valueadded services to our clients.

Our mission:

To support harmonious and continuous flow of international cargo and contribute to Azerbaijan’s regional transportation hub strategy.


To maintain the leading position in the Caspian Sea and expand operations beyond the Caspian Sea.


“Your shortest bridge between Europe and Asia”

(012) 404 39 00

AZ 1029, Heydar Aliyev ave., 152, Azerbaijan, Baku