“Denizchilar polyclinic” LLC (“Polyclinic of seafarers”), as one of the multi-profile medical and preventive treatment facility engaged in medical activities, was created to provide highly specialized diagnostic, outpatient-and-polyclinic and inpatient care to all ASCO employees and family members thereof, as well as other persons.

The main activities of the LLC are the followings:

  • provision of paid medical services to employees, family members (husband, wife, parents, children) of employees of the founder and its subordinate institutions and organizations, as well as other persons at the rates (tariffs) and in the manner approved by the founder;
  • provision of specialized medical care, the form, volume, quality standards and the procedure for the provision of which is established by the respective line ministry;
  • provision of primary health care, the procedure of which is established by the respective line ministry;
  • issuance of referrals to the medical-social expert commissions to identify the needs of a citizen to social security measures by assessing the limitations of life activity due to disruption of body functions;
  • approval of the death of a person;
  • issuance of a medical certificate for seafarers;
  • implementation of measures to meet the requirements of international treaties and acts in the field of shipping;
  • removal of the parts and tissues of human body for transplantation purposes where it is stipulated by law;
  • conducting pathological and anatomical autopsies to identify the causes of death and the diagnosis of the disease;
  • examination of the temporary disability and issuance of the relevant document;
  • undertaking a treatment using the complex up-to-date therapeutic methods;
  • issuance of decision on re-transfer of workers due to a health problems, etc.


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AZ 1029, Heydar Aliyev ave., 152, Azerbaijan, Baku